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Top things to do in Barbados

Top things to do in Barbados   Barbados stands out as a unique gem in the Caribbean, being the only coral island with pristine white sand beaches. Visitors are often captivated by the island’s wide array of activities, from surfing, diving, and fishing to simply lounging on its stunning beaches. The breathtaking views on hikes, […]

Things to Know Before Going to Barbados on a Vacation?

Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, east of the Caribbean chain, Barbados welcomes more than 1,000,000 visitors annually. It’s terraced landscapes and crystal-clear waters beckon travelers from around the world. Beyond its geographical allure, Barbados boasts a rich history, most notably as the birthplace of rum.    When you’re ready to experience this captivating mix of […]

Where to Stay During Kadooment in Barbados: An Eco Lifestyle Retreat

As the golden sun rises on the island of Barbados in August, the air fills with the pulsating rhythms of calypso music, signaling the grand day of Kadooment. This popular festival, part of the national Crop Over season, is a massive celebration that fills the streets with vibrant bands, elaborate costumes, and a spirit of […]

Weekly Activities for ECO Guests

We love to give our guests a top notch experience whenever possible.  We have decided to welcome you back to ECO with weekly activities planned for you (weather pending)! Sunday:  Yoga 6:30-7:30am $40BBD ($20USD pp) Brunch 9:30am-2:30pm Monday: Guided hike from ECO to Bath Beach (9:30am start time, roughly 1.5-2 hours total) Tuesday: Breakfast 8-10:30am […]

Affordable stays in Barbados with our ECO Promotions

With travel and carbon footprint costs at a high, we know that once you have stepped foot at ECO Lifestyle & Lodge in Barbados, you will want to extend your stay… so, we decided to help make that into a reality! From now until December 15, 2021, as well as all bookings from January 3, […]

Travel to Barbados during Covid

Due to the ever changing times, it is best to check the following site for the most up to date information on traveling to Barbados Rest assured that we will help facilitate any testing you may require prior to your departure at the comfort of your own room. ECO Lifestyle & Lodge has always […]

Times of Covid & Staying at ECO

Through these chaotic times, we have learned a lot about what resilience truly means. We were set for 2020/2021 to be an epic year at ECO… and boy were we turned upside down! But through it all we will be through the other side having learnt more than we bargained for. The people & government […]

Surf Souleil at ECO Lifestyle + Lodge

Click on the link below to read a piece written by Nicole Vorias of Surf Souleil about her time in Barbados and her stay at ECO! The photos you see are from Surf Souleil’s stunning swimwear line modeled by Kari Miller. Surf Souleil makes reversible pieces using sustainable swim fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. […]

ECO in the press

Since our inception just about two years ago, ECO has been mentioned by some noteworthy local and international publishings. We will highlight them on our blog, and would love to hear what you think! Check out these initial stories and stay tuned for plenty more to come! Xo, ECO

Practical Tips for Your First Solo Excursion

Written by Henry Moore If you are ready to see the world by yourself for the first time, congratulations. Traveling is an experience that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy. However, there is much more to it than booking a hotel room and throwing your suitcase in the trunk. Keep reading for practical tips on […]



From surfing, stand-up paddle (SUP) and mountain biking, to yoga, beachcombing and afternoons in the hammock, ECO moves at the pace you choose.

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