A Happy, Healthier Way To Care For Each Other, Our Planet + Ourselves

Nestled within the Bathsheba community, ECO’s location is quiet and unspoilt; its laid back, rootsy east coast vibe embodies simple living and a deep respect for nature.

A Happy, Healthier Way To Care For Each Other, Our Planet + Ourselves

At ECO, caring for the environment ranks high on the agenda; the hotel is Green Globe Certified with an established recycling and composting program in place. Sustainable practices are apparent throughout the property: drinks are served with bamboo straws harvested in the garden, all water is solar-heated and only organic cleaning products are used. Guests are supplied with artisanal organic toiletries and staples such as reusable water bottles and Maryam’s homemade mosquito spray are available in the ECO Shop, as well as eco-friendly products like coral-safe sunscreens and surf wax. We’re also creating one of the only true farm-to-table restaurants on the island. Our goal is to live and travel mindfully; we strive to balance every day living with an appreciation for its impact on the environment.

We hope our guests will discover a few easy ways to take home a bit of the ECO experience when they leave.
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Onsite Initiatives

At ECO Lifestyle + Lodge, we are committed to lessening our footprint on the local community by implementing sustainable environmental initiatives:

what we are doing

  • Recycling Program for plastic, glass + paper
  • Composting used for gardening soil and feeding local pigs
  • Over 90% of single-use plastic products have been eliminated
  • Bamboo Straws harvested from the garden; we also have stainless steel straws available
  • Drinking glasses are made from up-cycled wine bottles
  • Menu and In-Room Guide covers made from local palm leaves and printed on recycled paper
  • Furniture and fixtures are made from recycled wood
  • Waste baskets made from recycled paper
  • LED lights, Solar Lighting
  • Wine List features organic and biodynamic selections
Onsite Initiatives
ECO shop

It may be little, but the ECO Shop is fierce when it comes to providing innovative + eco-friendly goods! We stock the necessities for your daily adventures, including reef-friendly sunblock and surf waxes, stainless steel water bottles and straws and reusable tote bags. We also source environmentally friendly personal items. And don’t wait for the airport gift shop to pick up some souvenirs – we carry unique locally made goods including jewelry, local craftwork and other amazing finds. Our stock will change as we source new items, but you’re sure to find something to remember your stay by.

We’re always looking for great products that help make life a little more ECO. We’d love to hear your recommendations, especially for products made locally in Barbados! Contact us to share your ideas!
ECO shop
zen gully
zen gully

We’re growing a varied source of local + organic ingredients, including cooking herbs, fruit + coconut trees, edible flowers and nurturing plants such as Justica, Moringa and Aspera.

We nourish the gully through composting and natural stream water. We’re experimenting to see what else we can grow by the sea!



From surfing, stand-up paddle (SUP) and mountain biking, to yoga, beachcombing and afternoons in the hammock, ECO moves at the pace you choose.

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