What Makes ECO Lifestyle + Lodge a Sustainable, Top-Rated Boutique Hotel?
What Makes ECO Lifestyle + Lodge a Sustainable, Top-Rated Boutique Hotel?

Sustainable boutique hotel

Looking for the perfect escape from the clamor of the outside world? Imagine immersing yourself in the picturesque beauty of Barbados while making a conscious decision to preserve its natural splendor. ECO Lifestyle Lodge is not just any Boutique hotel. It’s an oasis of tranquility where you, local residents and international travelers alike, can indulge in a relaxing retreat dedicated to sustainability.

At the ECO Lifestyle Hotel in Barbados, every aspect of your stay harmonizes with the surrounding environment, ensuring that your footprints only leave memories, not a carbon trail. Your soul-refreshing getaway awaits in Barbados – join us and experience the pinnacle of eco-friendly luxury!

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What is a sustainable eco-friendly hotel?

A sustainable eco-friendly hotel or lodge is a vacation spot that places a high emphasis on environmentally friendly practices and supporting the local community. These green hotels take extra precautions to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the nature and local communities surrounding them when generating power, sourcing food and water, cleaning rooms, heating water, reducing waste, managing local staff, and selling environmentally safe products in tourist shops.

What impact do non-sustainable hotels have on the environment?

Non-sustainable hotels contribute significantly to pollution, releasing between 160kg and 200kg of CO2 per square meter of room floor annually. This is largely due to the consumption of non-biodegradable materials, sourcing non-local food, and not having a proper recycling and composting program in place.

Other forms of pollution caused by non-sustainable hotels include air emissions, noise, solid waste, littering, releases of sewage, oil, chemicals, and even architectural/visual pollution.

What are common practices that Eco Lifestyle Lodge does to achieve sustainability?

Below is a list of sustainable practices that we incorporate here at Eco Lifestyle and Lodge in Barbados:

For managing waste, a recycling program for plastic, glass, and paper has been established.

Composting is used for gardening soils and feeding local pigs

Sourcing almost our food locally, and organically grown when possible

Utilizing solar power for our electric and to hot water throughout the property

Cleaning is performed using exclusively organic and non-toxic cleaning products when possible.

Guests are provided with artisan-crafted organic toiletries in reusable containers.

Promotion of onsite activities that encourage connection with the natural surroundings such as hiking, yoga, and spearfishing

Our ECO Shop stocks eco-friendly and locally sourced items


How is ECO Lifestyle and Lodge designed with sustainability in mind?

As a Blue Standard by Oceanic Global resort, we strive to create an environment where our guests can enjoy their stay without compromising the health and beauty of Barbados Island.

Here are some unique eco-friendly designs we’ve weaved into the hotel:

Incorporation of bamboo straws harvested from the hotel garden

LED lights and additional solar lighting for energy efficiency

Utilization of a natural stream for watering the hotel’s vegetation

Drinking glasses are made from up-cycled wine bottles

Introduction of a cascading saltwater bath that reuses water

Building of a cob sauna, using ancient building methods that incorporate natural, local materials

Incorporation of décor crafted by talented Barbadian artisans, including pottery, hand-woven baskets, local photography and up-cycled furniture

Availability of meals and snacks made from locally sourced produce, with the option for guests to pre-stock their rooms with these items

Organic and GOTS-certified linen

Parlor Room

Is luxury sacrificed when staying at an eco-hotel focused on sustainability?

Absolutely not. Eco Lifestyle + Lodge offers a relaxed yet luxurious experience with high-quality services, from our unique, fresh, and locally sourced meals to our cozy, intimate rooms. Our focus on sustainability and local craftsmanship does not compromise the quality of your stay but enhances it by providing a genuine, heartfelt connection to the island.

How do we make our food options earth friendly?

Our restaurant, ECO, follows a farm and sea-to-table policy. All food ingredients are sourced locally from our farm, or from local producers, utilizing organic methods of farming. The menu reflects the freshest seasonal produce available, thus reducing food miles and supporting local farming.

How are we sustainable with water?

ECO Lifestyle + Lodge is sustainable with water through our innovative initiative, ECO SKY WATER. This process involves extracting water from the air, powered solely by solar energy. Once extracted, minerals are added and the water is bottled right in the lodge’s solar-powered facility. In line with our commitment to the environment, we package our still and sparkling water in our reusable glass bottles with seeded paper labels, and their still water in 100% non-GMO plant-based sports bottles.

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Are the on-site activities and trips ECO Lodge offers sustainable?

Absolutely, the trips and activities offered by ECO Lodge are indeed sustainable. The Lodge promotes low-impact activities such as hiking, yoga, meditation, and mountain biking, all of which have minimal environmental footprint. Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) lessons, utilize the power of none other than naturally created ocean waves.

We also offer e-bike rentals for eco-friendly transportation and exploring around the island. An on-site EV charging station is available to our guests who choose to hire an EV during their stay on the island.

How do we reduce our carbon footprint from energy usage?

We use LED and solar power throughout the property to reduce our energy consumption. Also, the water is solar-heated which further reduces the demand for traditional energy sources.

How do we source sustainable toiletries?

Guests are supplied with artisanal organic toiletries. These are chosen for their low environmental impact and high quality.

What are some sustainable practices for hotel management we’ve introduced?

From our recycling and composting programs to the elimination of over 90% of single-use plastic products, we have integrated sustainability in every aspect of our operations. We also work closely with local suppliers and artisans, promoting a circular economy.

How does Eco Lifestyle incorporate sustainable housekeeping practices?

Nearly all cleaning products used in the property are organic. This ensures the safety of both our guests and the environment. In addition, we also utilize up-cycled materials for fixtures and furniture, creating a chic yet sustainable ambiance.

How can tourists help with sustainability?

Tourists can help by respecting the sustainable practices implemented by Eco Lifestyle + Lodge, such as making use of the recycling program, and avoiding single-use plastics. Additionally, by choosing to dine at ECO, they support our farm-to-table policy and local food producers. We also encourage guests to purchase from our ECO Shop, which stocks eco-friendly personal items and locally made goods. This not only supports local artisans, but also promotes sustainable living.

Booking a vacation at a sustainable hotel?

Booking a vacation at a sustainable hotel like the ECO Lifestyle Lodge is an excellent way to combine the joy of exploring beautiful Barbados with your commitment to preserving the environment.

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This Green Globe Certified hotel excels at implementing sustainable practices, from locally sourced farm-to-table dining, organic cleaning supplies, solar power usage, and offering eco-friendly activities. When you stay at ECO Lifestyle Lodge, you’re not just indulging in a luxurious getaway, you’re making a positive impact on the local community and the environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience sustainable luxury in its finest form – book your vacation today, and let’s join hands in setting new standards for sustainable tourism.


How to know we are on track for a more sustainable hotel?

Monitoring the sustainability of a hotel can be achieved by looking at its practices and policies related to the environment and local community. Sustainable hotels, like ECO Lifestyle + Lodge, demonstrate this commitment by implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as recycling and composting programs, reducing single-use plastic items, using solar energy, and sourcing locally. They also engage in sustainable hospitality by offering farm-to-table restaurants and using organic cleaning products. The hotel’s Green Globe Certification further validates their commitment to sustainability.

How do we minimize the environmental impact of water extraction and consumption?

To sustain freshwater on Barbados Island, ECO Lifestyle + Lodge undertakes several measures. We deliver and pick up their orders in electric vehicles to minimize carbon emissions. Additionally, we pack orders in upcycled crates made onsite from wooden pallets. The lodge also takes the initiative to pick up, sanitize, and reuse the glass bottles used for their water. Furthermore, their sports bottles are composted on-site to further enrich the organic soil at their ECO Alchemy Farmstead. This water extraction and packaging method allows them to be largely off-grid in their manufacturing and distribution, reducing the need for ground or municipal water sources and minimizing waste and byproducts.

What other hotels follow sustainability in Barbados?

Among other hotels that follow sustainability in Barbados, Little Arches Boutique Hotel is an adult-only, Conde Nast Johansens recommended, and Green Globe Gold certified hotel that promotes sustainability.

What are some challenges that face sustainable hotels?

The journey to sustainability presents numerous challenges for hotels. First, there is the financial challenge of investing in eco-friendly infrastructure and technology, which may include renewable energy sources, water-saving devices, and waste management systems. Second, there’s the operational challenge of incorporating sustainable practices into daily activities without compromising guest comfort and experience. Third, there’s the challenge of getting all staff on board and trained in these new practices. Finally, there’s the challenge of effectively communicating the hotel’s sustainability initiatives to potential guests, to differentiate the hotel in a competitive market. Support sustainability and experience our green hotel today!

How are we developing new sustainable hotel practices?

At ECO Lifestyle + Lodge, we are continuously developing new sustainable hotel practices. This includes increasing our reliance on locally sourced products, expanding our use of renewable energy, and exploring innovative ways to manage waste and conserve water. We are also working on developing new eco-friendly guest experiences that allow our visitors to connect with the local community and the environment in meaningful and enjoyable ways.

What are some sustainability trends that are coming to hotel hospitality?

There are several exciting sustainability trends coming to hotel hospitality. One trend is the shift towards zero-waste hotels, which aim to eliminate or repurpose all waste. Another trend is an increasing focus on locally sourced food and beverages, which not only reduce transportation emissions but also support local farmers and producers. There’s also a growing interest in “green” guest experiences, such as eco-tours, volunteer tourism, and educational programs about the local environment and culture. Additionally, hotels are recognizing the need to go beyond environmental sustainability and make positive social impacts, such as supporting local communities, respecting indigenous rights, and promoting diversity and inclusion. These trends reflect a growing recognition that hotels can be a force for good and play a vital role in sustainable development.




From surfing, stand-up paddle (SUP) and mountain biking, to yoga, beachcombing and afternoons in the hammock, ECO moves at the pace you choose.

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