Environmental Intentions
Environmental Intentions

How can we, as individuals, make simple changes to become more environmentally conscious?  It may seem simple enough, but in our “conveniently plastic” world we live in, we all need to make small adjustments to our lifestyles to contribute to what will eventually accumulate to be a long lasting solution.


You can start by swapping out some typical disposable plastic products with a more environmentally friendly substitute.  At our ECO Shop, located in our reception area, we have curated some items that can help with this lifestyle shift.


Based on the American Dental Association recommendations, we should all change our toothbrushes every 3-4 months.  That would mean, based on the estimated North American population, roughly 2.32- 1.74 million toothbrushes would be thrown away annually, most of them being plastic!  Switching to a non-plastic alternative, such as a bamboo toothbrush, is a sustainable alternative that can easily suit most, as they have become more readily available in our “dot com” era.  The bristles may pose an issue, as many are not biodegradable… but, for now, it is still the more environmentally sound choice.  Purchase one at our shop and see for yourself!


But- what about flossing?  (That is flossing our teeth, not the dance craze that has us struggling with performing opposite movements simultaneously, all while trying to look serious & cool).  As quoted by ‘ashiftedperspective.com’, empty floss containers from the USA alone would fill a landfill the size of a football field that is 6 stories high, if we were to floss as we are advised to by the ADA!

Fear not- our ECO shop has provided Dental Lace for sale, which puts 100% mulberry silk dental floss in a small glass container, with a stainless steel top.  There is also a floss refill included with each purchase, packaged in a compostable bags- naturally J.  Now that is the type of flossing that we can all master!


While away in the tropics, one cannot forget to apply their sunscreen.  But think about the millions of plastic tubes that are disposed of daily after just a few days of use.  And what about the ingredients of the products you slather on the your skin, the largest organ of your body?  Or what damage can these ingredients potentially have on our coral reef and sea life when you jump into the open waters for that dip or snorkel?  At the ECO shop, we have chosen organic, mineral based, sunscreens in 3 various sizes that you may wish to purchase.  You can choose your sunscreen in tin containers or a sport stick in a compostable tube.


These are just a few things you can source at our ECO shop.  We will also provide you with carefully selected, local, artisanal products for purchase (your friends & family will thank you for not bringing back another tchotchke- that’s pronounced ‘choch-key’- that never gets used).


Other ideas you can take back with you after your stay at ECO Lifestyle + Lodge to help with a more environmentally mindful lifestyle:

  • -Swap out plastic straws with a stainless steel, bamboo, paper, or plant based one! Maybe, go a step further and talk to your local businesses so (that) they (can) could join in on this simple change!
  • -Participate in community activities
  • -Bring your own to go container, or pack your own food!
  • -On that note, bring your own bamboo or stainless steel travel
  • -Consider changing your thoughts about fashion… is more really necessary? Learn about where your clothes come from and what they are made out of… and think- do you actually NEED that shirt?
  • -Buy local whenever possible! Buy organic whenever possible!  It is healthier and you are supporting your local businesses!!!
  • -Eat more plant based food!
  • -Tote Life… Carry it with you, leave extras in the car… Just don’t leave home without it


These suggestions will only scratch the surface of what can be done.


What are some small changes you can make, or have made, to set your environmental intention ?  All thoughts are welcomed!



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